Maximize the value of our services, use us fully!

Ensure that you get the most out of your event.....Use Allan as your officiant!

When Allan is acting as your officiant:

Here's how your event will be maximized...

With our decor packages Allan Z is included as your officiant.


Our packaged services are offered "Use or Lose."

When Allan is hired and utilized as your ceremony officiant, your event and all processes leading up to it, will be fully coordinated from the start. 

Our experience and our systemized approach will ensure that no stone is left unturned and no special moment will be lost or flubbed. The energy of your ceremony will match YOUR desires. 

Use our services fully, trust our experience, and we guarantee that you will enjoy a "drama free" wedding of your dreams!

Through our process Allan will lead you to systematically discover;

  • The proper balance of religion, humor or reverence within your ceremony that best matches your combined desires. 

  • Your ceremony will become exactly as you imagined. Very personalized and intimately written.

  • On your wedding day we are the welcoming presence, the voice of your ceremony, along with delivering comfort and guiding your guests and yourselves through every step of the way.

  • Our services can also be utilized to deliver and manage your reception.  If we are hired additionally to deliver elements of your reception (decor, lighting, DJ etc..) , you can expect the same positive approach and results throughout your entire event.


When Allan is not acting as your officiant:

Here's how your event and our approach will be different...

There's so much more involved  with a wedding ceremony than just delivering words.... 

We always suggest that you honor your special friends by including them to deliver a reading or giving them a specific mention within the ceremony that we deliver.

If you still want your friend to deliver your ceremony, that's fine!  

Please however understand in advance....

  • We won't teach or direct anyone else how to do our job!  Ultimately, all preparation and planning regarding the ceremony, will become a task that you and your chosen officiant will be responsible to manage and deliver. Writing, staging, rehearsal etc...We'll simply take a back seat.

  • Our focus will be on delivering your decor and sound as beautifully as possible.  We will also responsibly deliver your chosen musical cues correctly on the day of your event. Beyond these goals, we will remain in the background. Your chosen officiant is there to lead the entire way!


Hire our whole team for best results...

Photography, DJ and Decor...

In the same way, using our whole team will ensure the best outcome.

We are people that regularly work with one another.  We have complimentary styles, and have already learned how to smoothly work with one another to ensure optimal results for our shared clients.

What's more??  We truly care about you!!

Throw a stranger into the mix and your event becomes a practice run... as we are forced to learn and compensate for the quirks created by the stranger that you hired...instead of us.

Trust us, we've got you covered!


Another 5 Star Weddingwire Review

Deb said...
I found Allan Zuckerman on a website. I gave him a call and immediately knew I liked this guy. 

He was very sincere and shared his enthusiasm over the phone to give us the best wedding ever. He came through and then some!!!! Allan is reasonably priced and goes above and beyond on everything. 

Although we live in Buffalo, we went down to where we wanted our wedding and didn't meet Allan, but he had suggested places for us to go. When you mention his name ... a smile came across everyone's faces and they said "He is the best guy and will do everything to give you the best wedding ever" They all raved about him. That goes a long way!!!! We went to over 10 different places and all POSITIVE comments. 

So I hired him and asked him to suggest a Photographer and DJ. Wow, best move I ever made. He suggested Rick  for Photos and Jorge as the DJ. These guys all had phone conversations with my husband and seemingly could tell our personalities through the phone. 

They are an AWESOME Trio! They said if I could trust them and leave my wedding day in their hands it would be the best wedding ever....and let me tell you... It was the best wedding beyond my dreams!!!!! 

The 3 of them even sat down and came up with a place for the wedding reception. We got married on the beach across the street. Everything with a very reasonable price tag. 

Allan was also our officiant. He did such an excellent job! My family and friends were so impressed with his ceremony. He can adapt to any situation. 

If you hire one of these guys, hire all 3. they work together and will give you the best day of your life!!!!


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