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We agree, there's nothing that replaces live floral displays. However.....

Under nighttime and DJ lighting at a wedding, there are very few people and a Sarasota Wedding who will climb a table to see if our silk Calla Lillies, Roses and Orchids are real!

Consider these pre-designed centerpieces in Sarasota as a cost saving approach to your event decor in Sarasota, and surrounding areas. 


We are also happy to create something just for you, along with designing your table. 

We will also happily deliver you to our Floral partners.

Watch for more designs to come...we have many more ideas just waiting for you !!

Centerpieces in Sarasota, and Lantern Pricing Ala Carte

From a "thank you" card received after the wedding.

From a card sent after the wedding....

"Thank you Allan for the beautiful ceremony you delivered that perfectly captured the casual elegance and balance of religion in our ceremony that we were shooting for. 

My friends were amazed at how smoothly you transitioned between the words of both a Minister and Rabbi to deliver our perfect ceremony. "

  This event was featured In SCENE Magazine.

Elegant Interfaith Wedding Jewish and Catholic (as directed)

Interfaith Weddings in Sarasota. Catholic and Jewish 

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