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A Lido Beach Wedding-Sarasota

An Elegant Sarasota Wedding on Lido Beach- this is our modern canopy on a perfect day without wind, with our red tropical silk florals, and a sand ceremony within. 

Your chosen Beach To Any Venue - We've got you covered!!

Weddings Simplified

Sarasota Ritz Carlton Wedding Tall elegant Canopy design by Beach Breeze Weddings Sarasota FL

Our photographer, officiant, dj and designer focus on only one wedding per day....Yours!!

  • Your entire Sarasota Area Wedding Event will be coordinated and delivered by people who work together regularly and want nothing more than to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams. 

  • Our approach affords you personalized and dependable high quality with opportunity for customization at a great price point.

  • With our combined focus, the plan is set and coordinated well in advance. There's no need for a Day Planner...we've simply got you covered. 

  • On your wedding day we're all on the same page. We have been communicating with you and each other regularly to ensure we collectively deliver our best on your wedding day. 

Together we seamlessly work towards the same frictionless goal. 

Your total satisfaction with your event and our services delivered!  

Additionally We offer Bands, Musicians, Photo-booths, Videographers, Bartenders and a variety of additional creative services.  Just ask!.

Your Personal & Complete Sarasota Wedding Service Provider

Reception Decor and Design

Chill lounge and uplighting for your Sarasota Wedding 

Beach Breeze Weddings, Sarasota FL

We are a One-Stop-Shop!

We offer all inclusive high-quality and cost-effective Wedding Ceremony and Reception Decor Packages for weddings of all sizes.  

Officiant, Photographer and Music included... You'll need nothing else!

Beach or an Elegant Venue, we have a ready answer for every need. 

We focus on only one wedding per day....Yours!!

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your unique expectations. 

We will offer many ideas, options and recommendations for both your wedding ceremony and reception setting upon hire. 

Full Event Pricing - A Complete Elegant Venue Ceremony and Reception for 30-60-100

Beach Weddings Complete

Siesta Key Beach Wedding Driftwood Arch  for your wedding 

Beach Breeze Weddings, Sarasota FL

With our Sarasota Area Beach Wedding Ceremony Packages, your event will be exactly as you desired. 

Your wedding ceremony is complete when in our hands. You'll need nothing else!

Officiant, Photography, Decor, Sound and more, we've simply got you covered! 

Our One-Stop-Shop approach ensures that you'll need only to show up on time.  

Premium Beach Wedding Packages with Pricing- On the Beach You'll Need Nothing Else!

Venue Weddings

Drapery and lighting for your wedding.
Venue selection too!

 Beach Breeze Weddings, Sarasota FL

 There are hundreds of great spaces to host your wedding in the Sarasota Area.

Let us help you to pair your ceremony and reception ideas and needs with the best venues, locations and beaches that match your style and budget.  

We can deliver any and all of our services in the location of your choice. 

We focus on only one wedding per day....Yours!! 

We will offer many more ideas and recommendations upon hire.

Elegant Ceremony Canopy and Facade Designs with Pricing

Table Design and Centerpieces

Wedding Table Designs and Centerpieces from simple to sublime

Beach Breeze Weddings, Sarasota FL

Let us help to create a unique custom table design, that can include live floral arrangements, linens, pre-designed centerpieces and lanterns.  

Coral, shells, glass beads and diamonds, glassware, pedestal style centerpieces, lighted centerpieces and more...before you spend in a Do-It-Yourself to discuss.  

We will save you money while providing the appropriate scale.  

Really.... Ball jars with flowers are lost on an 8 seater table.  Please!!! Let us help!

We'll offer many creative ideas to enhance your Sarasota Area Wedding Reception Events from casual to elegant.   

The possibilities are truly endless! Your Wedding in Sarasota and anywhere nearby will be a breeze!

Custom Centerpieces and Table Design

Room Drapery and Wedding Dais Settings

Victorian Wedding Dais Setting Beach Breeze Weddings Sarasota

Use our premium white drapery and lighting packages to highlight your entrance area, wedding dais, cake table, ceiling, and the Band/DJ area. 

We have seating to match your style;  Art Deco, Victorian, even King and Queen Thrones!

Every wedding is unique. Call to discuss your individual needs.

With our decor, lighting and services, we are sure to exceed your expectations as we deliver your Sarasota Area Wedding Ceremony and Reception Event Vision.

Drapery Packages and Dais Settings Ala Carte

Event Lighting

Premium Lighting, Uplights, spotlights and gobos for your wedding 
Beach Breeze Weddings Sarasota FL

Uplighting and Specialty Event Lighting Effects will take any event to the next level.  

We own all that we bring which ensures you'll get the wedding of your dreams at a fair price.

We look forward to spotlighting and highlighting all aspects of your Sarasota Area Wedding and Reception Event.

Gobos projecting designs like your name, palm trees, the moon and more. A traveling spotlight for your  introductions, first dance and speeches. Any colors under the sun can be delivered.

We'll offer many more ideas and recommendations upon hire.

Full Event Lighting- You'll need nothing Else!

Weddings in the Location of your choice

We deliver our services in elegant venues, country clubs and on most any beach from Boca Grande to Tampa, 


Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, University Park FL, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Beach , Casey Key and Siesta Key, Venice, Bradenton, Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island, and Turtle Beach on Siesta Key, The Crosley Estate, The Ringling Estate, Spanish Point, and more!

Let us help you to find the right location and style for your event.

Our Approach

Our One-Stop-Shop Approach

Turtle Beach Wedding decor by Beach Breeze Weddings Sarasota FL

Your wedding shouldn't become a reality TV episode! 

Hire our well oiled machine!!  Planning to Implementation, we will guide you to the right conclusions of your soon to be stellar event.  

We are based in Sarasota and focus on only one wedding per day....Yours!! 

With our team in place, and the right space chosen, we guarantee that you'll experience the Sarasota Area Wedding and Reception of your dreams.  

Call to discuss your ceremony and reception needs and we will happily suggest locations that best match your style and budget.

Our service area covers venues and  beaches from Boca Grande to Tampa, Including; 

Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, University Park FL, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Beach, Casey Key and Siesta Key, Venice, Bradenton, Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island, and Turtle Beach on Siesta Key.

We will happily deliver your wedding and/or reception event in any chosen location. 

We are...Beach Breeze Weddings of Sarasota.

We deliver...Wedding Decor and Officiant services in Sarasota...and so much more!

Why hire us? Why are we different?

Lido beach Wedding Driftwood Arch decor by Beach Breeze Weddings Sarasota FL

  • We actually care!  We treat everyone like our family! Our level of service is exceptional regardless of the size of your event.

  • Your wedding will be as you dreamed. We work as a team with that goal, and your total satisfaction in mind.

  • We focus on only one wedding per day with all of our combined focus and experience.

  • We will guide you every step of the way.

  • We are self directed and eliminate drama by anticipating the expected needs of your event, while easily accommodating the unexpected needs of the day.

  •  We set clear expectations from the start. We offer fair pricing with real event pictures posted throughout our site.

  • Venues and caterers are always included in the planning process to ensure mutual success.

  • Other than the timing of food and basic venue support, there usually is no need for outside management on event day...our team simply has you covered. For most events there's no need for a planner.

  •  No surprises! What you see is what you get!

A Wedding On Anna Maria Island

A smaller destination wedding event on Anna Maria Island. 

Our Driftwood Arch, reception location centerpiece decor, officiant, band, and photography services were provided for this happy couple.

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