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Just some of our favorite events...

The Sarasota Weddings and Events below show our flexibility in accomodating the needs of a diverse spectrum of clientele and various settings and situations.


Watch them all to see our capabilities in delivering weddings and events that truly reflect the exact wishes of our clients.

We deliver our services in venues and on beaches from Boca Grande to Tampa, Including;  Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, University Park FL, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Beach, Casey Key and Siesta Key, Venice, Bradenton, Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island, and Turtle Beach on Siesta Key.

An Oscar Party- Not a wedding, but a lot of fun!!

Roger and Jerry combined community fundraising, surviving cancer, and a birthday party as a reason to have this amazing bash!

Before weddings, we did corporate events in NY!  It's easy and fun for us to be creative and do more for our clients

Wendy and Peter's Longboat Key Wedding

Wendy recently stopped me in the supermarket well after the wedding....and shared something I will never forget. Her words....

"You know?,  You walk on water in my house!  ....and we have more weddings ahead!!"

No one ever forgets how you made them feel!

Beach - Ceremony and Reception - In Spanish too!

We deliver Spanish-English weddings. My whole team is bilingual.

Not too shabby with my Español!

Baker's Ranch Wedding with Elegant Chandelier and Facade

Just a fun couple enjoying their day...and a rooster crows within the ceremony.

Florida Studio Theater- think outside the catering hall!

This wedding was just different from the start !  So I suggested and then brought them to a unique space.

It was a lot of fun as two second cousins with Circus history background tied the knot.  

Their unique wedding reflected their joys as a couple in every way.

Spanish Point - Mary's Chapel with added Decor

A casual wedding in Mary's Chapel with added decor and more...

Lido Beach Military Elegant Wedding

What you can't see in this video is that it was 100+ degrees on the beach.

Bride and Groom still had a great wedding experience in spite of the heat.

Venice Beach Intimate Family Wedding

This was an intimate and small family wedding. 

Their kids were included in the Sand Ceremony.

Anna Maria Island Wedding

RJ and Sparky got married after 30 years of being together.... and they simply enjoyed every moment.

Point of Rocks Wedding Ceremony with extras

This has always been one of my favorite weddings.  The location had personal meaning to them. Their perfect and intimate reception followed at Flemings.

This was one of the most difficult load-ins I've ever experienced. 

One loading spot shared by 5 hotels! As soon as we started to load we were in someone's way. 

We will happily help you to find better locations. 

Lido Beach Epic Huge Gay Wedding

Tim and Darald wanted it to be a celebration that included all of  their large group of friends. 

We created an over-the-top sand ceremony for them that included guests from each facet of their lives.

Beachhouse- Anna Maria Island

We love the Beachhouse which is as good as it gets for a beach wedding with a rainproof reception also on the beach.

Pricy but one of the best spots to experience great food and having the whole event without needing to go anywhere else.

They've renovated since this event as well.

An over the top Gay wedding in Tampa

I got to be their officiant. We contributed to the decor and lighting as well.

 My friend Tim from Extravaganza in Tampa put this amazing event together.

Anna Maria Island

We were threatened with rain all day but managed to pull this one off. At wedding time the clouds seemed to open up just for them. Reception was at the Bridge Street Bistro

Spanish Point Mary's Chapel Elegant Small Wedding

Just an elegant wedding in the chapel

An Intimate Family Style Lido Beach Wedding Ceremony

A Loving Family with Sand Ceremony

Jacaranda West Golf and Country Club, Gay Wedding Rain-out

Jim and Walt's Tommy Bahama Style Wedding with a Bamboo Canopy on the beach, was a washout.  

With advance notice we decided to do the wedding in their venue space. The decor you see is the indoor backup plan implemented to match the new styling of their now... indoor wedding.

We always try to do more than expected when the disappointment of rain affects your day.

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