Included with All Beach Decor Wedding Packages -Use or Lose

Officiant- Allan Z

Allan Z will act as your officiant or support whomever you choose. 

When not acting as officiant Allan or our DJ will simply become the supportive host running the sound and music at your Sarasota Wedding Ceremony.

In the process, once hired. I will meet you in the space, write your ceremony, and offer ideas and suggestions freely. 

New Sound System

Our Brand New "Envoi Pro" will deliver music and voice for up to 250 people.

Allan uses a Handheld Wireless Mic and controls the music while delivering the ceremony on his iPad Pro.

Up to 30 chairs- More available

Lido Beach Resort Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Our Clean White Padded Chairs are NEW. They are never used for food service, or stored outside, so they remain sparkling new, blemish and rip free. 

Beyond the 30 that are included with your package, additional chairs are $5 each.

We offer many other styles additionally. 

Entrance Sitting Area

A safe place to leave belongings, chairs to sit on while removing shoes. Grab a bottle of Ice cold water from the cooler, pick up a shell for the shell toss after the ceremony, and one basket becomes a place to deposit any garbage so our beaches remain clean and safe for wildlife.

Combed Sand

We Comb the sand to highlight your wedding area, the aisle is smoothed as well. The first guests to arrive see the effect the best. We try to keep the aisle fresh and un-walked upon for the processional.

 The setting is usually ready for our photographer about 30 minutes before you arrive. I always try to text a picture to you on your big day.

Bottled Water on Ice

We always bring a good amount of bottled water kept on ice. 

A cooler will await your guests next to the entrance sitting area at your Sarasota Beach Wedding.

That's not all.....

Music of Your Choice

Your chosen music is provided for Processional and Recessional along with special moments within the ceremony. 

Music starts a few minutes before the wedding and ends about 10 mins after the ceremony. We are happy to deliver your first dance on the beach.

White Carpet Aisle Runner

Anna Maria Island elegant wedding

Our White Carpet Aisle Runner goes best with our Elegance with Vines Canopy or Modern Canopy Designs .....but if you want to wiggle your toes in the sand, we will happily comb the sand instead.  

It's all about your style.  

Carpet is not used when it's raining or if wet ground occurs.

White Florals

Our canopies are delivered complete.  Styling continues on aisle chairs. 

Our most popular white silk florals provides a neutral frame for your wedding pictures.  

People often lean in to smell them...good quality always.

Red Tropical Florals

Lido Beach Wedding elegant Canopy with Tropical Flowers Red Silk

Works best for a Tommy Bahama Style wedding with a Bamboo Canopy or Modern Canopy to spice it up.  

Sometimes white flowers don't hit the mark.  Our red tropical silk flowers offers  another option within the package.  Styling will continue onto aisle chairs, and is available in place of our white floral designs.

Shell Decor

In place of florals or in combination;

A variety of Starfish can adorn the base of your canopy atop some fish-nets, or on the aisle.  Some have replaced using flowers entirely opting for shell decor.

It's all about Your Style.... 

We try to design each wedding a little different. We will discuss and reconfirm your desires as the wedding approaches. flowers, shells or a you wish!

Live Greenery Accents

We bring live greenery to accent many areas around the ceremony set up.  

Entrance areas, Canopy bases, sitting area, freestanding signs, are all given a special touch to make your setting as stellar and as photographic as it can be.

Even More is included with our Beach Decor Packages !!

Chalkboard Signs

I try to mark your wedding on the beach. 

In some cases locations are hidden.  On peak dates, multiple Sarasota Weddings can occur on the same beach, 

I set a trail of signs to easily distinguish when and where your wedding will be.  

Here's another SEO tailored sentence for those that enjoy the nonsense it takes to be seen by Google online......

Our added value is just part of our normal included services in Sarasota, and part of your wedding package in Sarasota and any surrounding areas.  

Did that say anything important to you??

Fun signs

I have a series of appropriate signs that add substance, presence  and character to any wedding set-up.  

They lean more toward casual beach themed weddings and are in the style as shown. If you like the idea... Let me surprise you by choosing the ones that best reflect your wedding.

Aisle Entrance Gates or Markers

Coquina Beach Wedding Canopy with Gates

As you enter and later exit your ceremony aisle, we usually enhance the area by combining gates, signs and greenery and a few other flourishes to provide enough elegant decor to enhance your photos along every step of the way.

Silk Bouquets to Borrow

Live bouquets from a florist can often run over $200.

A few casual beach wedding clients have used freshmarket flower bouquets bought for as little as $20.

If live flowers are not as important to you, I always have a small assortment of White Silk Rose and Orchid bouquets to borrow. (One is shown above.) 

We will reconfirm your desires at the final review before your ceremony.

Creative Ideas and Resources

There are so many ways to make your wedding unique. 

Throwing beach balls instead of rice is just one of many ideas.  We've seen them all;  Bubbles, fans, programs, and a ton of incentive items. 

We are happy to steer you in the right direction in answer to any request. E-mail is always responded to quickly. Calls M-TH are welcome up to 9pm.

I'll meet you in the space

On a M-TH at 10:30am, a few days before your wedding, I will meet you for a final review at your location.  I can also conduct a rehearsal at that time if you desire.

We will stamp your documents, collect any final balance due, and make sure that all details are confirmed and will be delivered exactly as you wish. Your comfort and confidence is my goal.

I'm also happy to initially meet with you in the Reception event space of your desire to discuss your needs and ensure an accurate quote.

And Lastly......

Ceremonial Tables

We have a number of tables that coordinate with our decor packages. 

Our tables are the perfect height, and are pretty enough to not require a tablecloth fluttering in the wind. I often replace them with new ones. 

I will always bring the best tables that match your decor style and ceremonial needs.

I'll Notarize Your Marriage License

I'm a licensed Florida Notary. My handling of money is vetted as honest, and I have no criminal background.  

I am happy to hand deliver your marriage license to the Clerk in Manatee or Sarasota County.  

Beyond that I have nothing to'll have my home address.

I'll write your ceremony

I will send you a questionnaire upon hire.  It will define your desires and give me the material I need to personalize your event.

Your wedding ceremony will be delivered in writing, well in advance, and can be edited further. 

Your ceremony will become exactly as you wish.

Planning Services

Let's not complicate things!

When I work with you solely on your beach wedding, there's little additional planning needed. Emails and Calls are answered as received and welcomed.

When involved additionally with your Sarasota Wedding Reception, it is also fully organized as well. My DJ and Band create and run the reception timeline and my photographer works with all of us to match your desires.

We will happily make recommendations, suggest additional vendors, share resources and offer ideas. In essence, once hired, we are partial planners at no additional cost to you. Really!, You'll need nothing else!

Vendor Recommendations

It's easiest to work with people that we know, trust and respect. 

Trust our recommendations.  Our suggested vendor team loves doing this as much as we do! We also work together to ensure a great experience and outcome for everyone.

We will put you in direct touch with our people so there are no communication gaps. 

Behind the scenes we are always communicating to ensure we deliver our best for you. 

Catholic, Jewish, Bi-Lingual, and Gay Weddings Too!

As a former New Yorker I've been exposed to every religion and culture. I truly love them all...and the food!!.  

I also treat everyone I meet with the respect and love that they inherently deserve.

I also deliver ceremonies that include and don't include religion. 

I deliver equally well; Christian, Catholic, Baptist and Protestant, Bilingual Spanish-English, and English-Hebrew, and Gay Sarasota wedding ceremonies. Examples of all are within my site.

Whoever you are, I will deliver your Sarasota Wedding Ceremony Event with respect, and in a way that positively reflects your connection to your family and friends. 

Another 5 Star Weddingwire Review

Deb said...
I found Allan Zuckerman on a website. I gave him a call and immediately knew I liked this guy. 

He was very sincere and shared his enthusiasm over the phone to give us the best wedding ever. He came through and then some!!!! Allan is reasonably priced and goes above and beyond on everything. 

Although we live in Buffalo, we went down to where we wanted our wedding and didn't meet Allan, but he had suggested places for us to go. When you mention his name ... a smile came across everyone's faces and they said "He is the best guy and will do everything to give you the best wedding ever" They all raved about him. That goes a long way!!!! We went to over 10 different places and all POSITIVE comments. 

So I hired him and asked him to suggest a Photographer and DJ. Wow, best move I ever made. He suggested Rick  for Photos and Jorge as the DJ. These guys all had phone conversations with my husband and seemingly could tell our personalities through the phone. 

They are an AWESOME Trio! They said if I could trust them and leave my wedding day in their hands it would be the best wedding ever....and let me tell you... It was the best wedding beyond my dreams!!!!! 

The 3 of them even sat down and came up with a place for the wedding reception. We got married on the beach across the street. Everything with a very reasonable price tag. 

Allan was also our officiant. He did such an excellent job! My family and friends were so impressed with his ceremony. He can adapt to any situation. 

If you hire one of these guys, hire all 3. they work together and will give you the best day of your life!!!!

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