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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Book You?

Fill out my contact form, it's on the bottom of every page. 

 I will call you to discuss your needs and when you are ready to move forward with any portion of your event (reception or ceremony) I will follow up with everything in writing.

We will ultimately require a 50% non-refundable deposit based on the services that you confirm.

Everything regarding style and numbers of chairs remains flexible and changeable right up to a few days before your wedding.  

The details will fall into place systematically, the entire process will be outlined in writing, well in advance.

Our goal is to ensure that you know,  we've got you covered, throughout the process.

What About Rain?

We will help you to figure out a backup plan well in advance. 

I always suggest combining a beach or outdoor wedding with a venue reception. Your rain back-up plan can often be built into the mix by using your Sarasota Wedding reception space for the actual wedding ceremony, if it becomes necessary.

With enough advance notice I can often exchange some of my decor to better fit your newly acquired indoor needs. 

I try to do more for you in these cases, and afford as much flexibility as I possibly can. Timing and location changes are usually easy to accommodates since we deliver only your wedding on the day.

For smaller weddings with the ability to shift the date on the fly, we've often accommodated our clients. tomorrow might be a better day...If we are available.

Postponing a larger event at the last minute, by more than a day, is usually considered a cancellation with all monies forfeited.

Timing of your Wedding

Sarasota beaches are mostly thought of for Sunset Weddings.


Sunset is approximately  

~6pm in January

~8pm in April

~830 pm in July

 ~7pm in October

 ~530pm in December

Depending upon the size and location of your event... Wedding start time should be an hour to 1.5 hours before sunset.

Morning Weddings are great for pictures,  but finish the event by 10:30am or you'll be uncomfortable in the sun. 

9:30am start or earlier is recommended. 

Sarasota Beach Wedding Permits

Beach permits are easily obtained and your respponsibility.

Most Sarasota Beach Weddings require a permit.  It's approximately $100 for 2 hours which covers the timing needs of most beach wedding ceremony events. Some areas have pavilions for rent as well.

Call the Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department @ 941-861-9930 to easily obtain your beach wedding permit over the phone with a credit card.

If you are serving alcohol, an additional rider is usually necessary.

I'm happy to give permit information about other beaches...give a call!   I'll help get you settled.

Are you Ordained?

The biggest hoax are those that call themselves Ministers after purchasing their criteria online.

I am a Florida Notary, licensed and vetted in Florida to deliver weddings, doing so for over 10 years now. I am a trained actor, and have been a public speaker and a corporate event planner for my entire life.

Whatever you'd like within your wedding will easily be delivered without prejudice. I love all cultures and all people.

I can deliver Catholic, Christian Protestant, Baptist and Mormon Weddings, non-Demonenational Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Spanish/English and Gay Weddings, all with the same conviction, intensity and passion. 

I've also incorporated religious scripture, Hebrew, Spanish and even Chzek and Chinese phrases within my Sarasota Weddings, with the same positive results.

I'd also be happy to introduce you to a real seminary educated and credentialed Reverend if you require one for your ceremony.  He's truly an amazing human being!  I've got a great Rabbi too!

Can My Kids Be Involved in the Ceremony?


Aside from taking traditional roles within the wedding party, the best thing I've found to accomplish their inclusion is by incorporating them into your sand ceremony.  

I deliver words that inspire Brady Bunch Families, your children and non-biological children, to share in the connection of this joyous experience that solidifies their life ahead, as well as the shared lives of their parent(s).

Hire me and I'll give you a few more ideas!

What will you do for me? Who Are You?

Will you manage my guest list and sort my gift bags?

In a word....No!

I'll offer printing resources if you need and websites that sell things, but for most of the small stuff, and personal touches beyond the event space, and figuring out who is coming or not, most people take a hands on approach.

If you'd like one of my recommended day planners to help you with managing the fine details of your event, staying by your side during your event day and more.... we are happy to recommend a few.  

It's just not something that I can do effectively, while also handling your decor and ceremony. 

If you'd like me to take on the role of day planner or partial event planner alone, without delivering my own decor or services.....I am more than qualified to take on that role and more, at any event.

If you'd like something different, call to discuss your needs.

Can I hire you if I only want some of the things you offer? I don't want it all!

Sure!  Not every event requires all that we offer.  

We can deliver any and all of our services ala carte.  Most smaller scenarios with pricing are already outlined throughout my website.

From a 2 person wedding to anything you desire...I will have a positive, and cost effective answer to meet your needs. 

See My;

 "Low-Cost Beach Packages" page, 

and the 

 "Officiant Only Services" page 

which address many of the smaller wedding scenarios.

 I will call you to discuss your details after you fill out my contact form. 

When you are ready to move forward, an accurate written quote will always follow our conversation .

Are You my Planner?

I call myself a working organizer.  

For most of the weddings we deliver, our approach eliminates the need for a traditional planner.  

When we are present as a team, there's really very little left for a planner or venue host to do. 

By your wedding date, we are all working on the same timeline that you helped to create. We have coordinated many details amongst ourselves and with our caterers, while always incorporating all of your specific requests.  Each of us picks up seamlessly where the other drops off.  We need little direction. 

Your decor, timeline, music and details are already well thought out and discussed amongst all of us, the responsibilities of your event space have been defined well before we enter the room. It's an easy routine, that we've delivered countless times.

We now get to simply deliver your stellar event, exactly as you had hoped!

Why do you stand off to the side in most of your wedding videos?

I call it my modern style delivery. 

In my opinion, a traditional wedding with the couple's back turned toward their guests, looses a level of intimacy within the wedding.  My style creates a better connection between the bride and groom and their guests.

My modern style delivery allows for eye contact, intimacy and hand holding for the couple, and a personal connection between the couple and their guests.  It also allows me to directly address and include your guests in the thoughts and words shared. It's a level of intimacy that is consistently commented on in my reviews.

It also allows the photographer to focus on unimpeded pictures of the bride and groom without my big head in the way. 

And finally it affords me the ability to smoothly and naturally transition throughout the wedding, actively fixing and changing sight-lines, and moving more naturally to deliver moments where your guests are spoken to directly, and where sand ceremonies and personal vows would benefit from me being out of the way.

I am still happy to deliver a church style wedding if you desire. I will simply plant my feet. I actually would write the wedding ceremony a bit differently too. It takes on a more formal and stoic approach.

When I send my questionnaire to help write your ceremony,  I will ask many questions to define your exact desires. 

Your wedding will always be...exactly as you wish! 

Do You Do Gay Weddings?


Myself and my entire crew, deliver our services with the same respect inherently deserved by everyone. 

See our gay wedding website

Reception Set-up; You'll do it all, right?

Yes and No.  Our approach is to do whatever it takes to deliver your event smoothly.

 I will set up everything included within my decor packages; including, chairs, drapery, lighting, table decor and your dais usually a day or more in advance.

 Most catering venues will set up their own tables and chairs for the reception on their own schedule and with their own crew.

Usually catering venues provide black or white linens and a colored napkin, and utensils.  Seat covers and sashes, special table overlays etc. are usually optional and additional.

I am happy to create and deliver the elements of your table design, from linens to candelabras.  If I am involved in your table design, I will supply all that you need to put your table-top...over the top.

I often set up one table to allow the venue or catering team to mimic as they put the rest of the tables together.

If we have the luxury of time...It's easiest and best to set the entire room a day in advance.

Everything I supply is delivered in advance, ready for placement so the venue can simply set-up the room on their own time schedule if they desire to do so.

More....Frequently Asked Questions

I love what you do...let's change everything!

If you want to change everything at the onset, then you truly want a more customized event! 

Great!!!!  We can do that!!!

Whatever you desire, the answer is already,  "Yes!"

Simply share your dreams and your budget concerns, and we will happily build you a sparkling and new customized wheel. 

New wheels usually cost a lot more. 

So let's talk!

Payment Policy

A 50% of deposit is required to confirm any of our services.

Once hired in any capacity, further resources and advice is always given freely. 

Make Personal Checks payable to "Allan Zuckerman.”  We also accept "Zelle" bank transfers through email.  Allan@BeachBreezeWeddings.com

Final balance will be due two weeks before the event if via personal check ...


 Balance can be paid in cash or through "Zelle" at our final M-Th 1030am prep meeting just prior to your event.

Full details in writing and our Service Agreement is presented upon hire with opportunity to review.

Contract and Our Service Agreement

Our website is actually a giant quote in itself.

After a conversation indicating that you'd like to move forward, we will send a detailed quote for the services that you desire. 

The list can often become a work in progress in the early stages of planning and we know in advance to remain flexible. Details do change along the way!

The number of chairs and canopy style can be changed up to a few days before the event.  

We will review details as needed, and will have a final review a few days before the event to ensure that all desired changes are accounted for.  No worries!

To confirm simply send 50% of the core services that you desire. We can always make changes later.  

We try to keep it simple!

By wedding day (and well before your date)  we assure that you will get exactly what you want.

Marriage License

Marriage licenses can be obtained at any County Clerk's Office in Florida. 

Only you can do this! 

Once obtained you'll have 60 days to get married.


There is no waiting period for non-residents of Florida nor blood tests.


Florida residents have a choice of a three day waiting period or attending a four hour class that teaches you about divorce and money.  (hint: skip the class)  

The Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court accepts cash or personal checks. Some courthouses will take credit cards.


Identification with a photograph (i.e. driver's license or passport) and your Social Security card is required. You'll need only to acknowledge the date that any previous marriages have ended.


You'll both neeed to go to the Court House together. 

Once I marry you, I will stamp the document. Your Marriage License must then be returned back to the Court Clerk's Office from where it was obtained within 10 days, so the marriage can be recorded. 

Can I use rental chairs for the ceremony ? I'll save money.

The 30 chairs included  in our packages are USE or LOSE with the caveat that all padded white chairs used for your ceremony ...are ours.

Our chairs are clean and white, bright and new, delivered perfectly aligned with sand combed. Our chairs are not used for food service so they remain clean. 

Additional chairs are $5 on the beach and $4 along with our elegant decor canopies. 

If you or your venue supply any chairs for the ceremony, It breaks the value of our packages, interferes with our set-up approach and timing, and also takes away our ability to ensure the quality standard that you originally hired us to deliver.

If you'd like a different style of chair other than our padded white garden style....Chiavari in any color, Ghost Chairs, Bamboo etc....Call to discuss. We have many other styles- available additionally.

What about a Rehearsal?

 If you feel that you need my presence at a rehearsal, I will happily conduct weddings that I am to officiant  on a M-TH at 10:30 am anytime before your event. 

At that time we can review details and use the opportunity to catch any remaining corrections. 

 Sometimes the entire rehearsal process can just as easily be done over the phone. 

Most people actually conduct their own rehearsal sometime after our review meeting, when all involved have arrived. 

I will teach you all you need to know and if you'd like can supply a rehearsal guide.  I will prepare you for everything you'll need to know, well before the event.

Rehearsals on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and rehearsals left to the night before your weekday wedding, are at additional cost. Call to discuss. Best always to have your rehearsal a few days in advance.

The Clean White Chairs in the front row are Ours!


The Grey ones in the second row on this event were not ours!! This bride saved money!?

This bride saved about a $1 per chair to avoid spending about $50 more with us. The result compromised our quality and interfered with our set up timing and process.

It was because of this event that we implemented a new rule;

The 30 chairs included in our packages are USE or LOSE with the caveat that all padded white chairs used for your ceremony ...are ours.

We have up to 200 clean white chairs always available.  They are maintained as NEW and WHITE.  Additional chairs beyond the 30 included with our beach ceremony packages are just $5 each, and less on grass.

If you'd like a different style of chair other than our padded white garden style....Chiavari in any color, Ghost Chairs, Bamboo etc....Call to discuss. We have many other styles- available additionally.

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