Reception Drapery Design

Drapery is usually customized to fit your event needs

A conversation in the space is usually required to deliver an accurate drapery or full event quote for Elegant Wedding Drapery in Sarasota or your Elegant Wedding Drapery in Longboat Key. Of course we can deliver our services anywhere nearby.

 My standard packages and custom decor with pricing are outlined below. In relation to drapery and lighting, I will act as your wedding planner. I'm also your set up crew -so there's no miscommunication.

Our area highlighting approach is a cost effective way to deliver heightened elegance to the design of your wedding at a fair price. We can certainly do more!

We use premium heavy white drapery for a more substantial look. It's much heavier than the sheer see-through curtains offered by most. It is of the best commercial and nationally approved fireproof quality available. 

Our standard drapery reaches 12-14 feet tall which answers the needs of most events. If taller applications, ceiling designs, or full room coverage is desired, we have ready resources for more. Just ask!

Drapery For the Whole Room- A Starter Package with Pricing

$2000 -This Drapery Package includes; Special enhanced Dais Seating with decor, Cake and DJ Area.

Three areas of drapery backdrop-

  • Two seater dais area with an enhanced 3 layer drapery design (Arte Deco, victorian or bling).
  • Two pre-designed tall centerpieces
  • Half-round Dais Table for two all linens included- box pleated 
  • DJ/band area- simple drapery
  • Cake table- simple drapery- half round box pleated cake table
  • Choice of ;
    • Victorian Love Seat-white or gold
    • Art Deco Chairs
    • King and Queen Bling chairs
  • 16 uplights- set to a single color or combination

More about Lighting

Drapery For Dais alone- Ala Carte Package

$1600 -Dais Area Alone with Victorian Loveseat or Art Deco Chairs

  • Two seater dais area with an enhanced 3 layer drapery design.
  • Half-round Dais Table for two
  • Two pre-designed tall centerpieces 
  • Choice of ;
    • Victorian love seat white or gold or...
    • Art Deco chairs
    • King and Queen Bling Chairs
  • 5  uplights-  set to a single color or combination

Consider Additional Drapery and more ....

  • Add More Lighting!!!- unlit areas are dull!
  • add our Specialty lighting package to take your event to new heights.
  • Add our lighted centerpieces as an easy way to tie a whole room together 


  • Drapery for Grande Entrance areas. 
  • Masking food service entrances.
  • Eliminating any privacy concerns.
  • Masking unused spaces. 
  • Creating storage space for previously existing decor.
  • Creating privacy areas.
  • Defining Chill-Lounge areas.
  • Creating cozier sight-lines in cavernous rooms. 
  • Coverage of Full Room and Ceiling Drapery Design
  • Wedding Canopies and Facades that match the style 

More About Style-Matching Canopies and Facades

Another Weddingwire 5 Star Review

Kelsey and Andrew's Review

Hire Allan...he will make it happen for you. 

We found Allan as a result of a recommendation from the Chamber of Commerce. They could not have been more right about him. 

Allan took great care of our needs for a wedding on short notice (military situation prior to a military directed move). He worked with our condo for a great and really fun beach wedding. 

Everyone had a blast and his summary video was a hit. Rick and Allan make a great team.

Tell everyone that "This Marine says...You're the bomb!!!" 

Kelsey and Andrew's Longboat Key Wedding with sand ceremony

Longboat Key Wedding Ceremony

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