Sarasota Wedding Discounts and Specials

Military and Service Discounts $100-$200

Anyone marrying in their Military or Policeman Uniform will get:

$100 towards add-on services with either their Wedding Ceremony Decor Package or their Wedding Reception Decor Package booked in the Sarasota Area. 

Or $200 towards a Full EVENT Package with both Wedding Ceremony AND Reception Event Decor booked in the Sarasota Area. 

Military Service Discount for your Sarasota Wedding

Military Service Discount for your Sarasota Wedding

Wedding Promotion- Win $2020 towards your wedding in 2020 .

Book a date- Now thru 2019- for a wedding event in the year 2020 and win $2020 towards your event!

We will Draw from customers who book their 2020 wedding on or before December 30, 2019 

One Full event qualified prize winner will receive $2020, and One Partial Event winner will receive $500 towards their event to be used towards add-on services. 

All monies to be put towards their wedding event occurring in the year 2020 using our services and recommended vendors.


  • Book your 2020 event with a 50% deposit received before December 30, 2019 to qualify.

  • Minimum event spend contracted to qualify for the $2020 prize is our full event package at $6200 or higher. We need 10 participants or this contest will be cancelled. See next section. 

  • Low participation clause- If there are less than 10 participants in the $2020 contest by December 30, 2019- The $2020 prize drawing will be cancelled. A first and second place winner of $500 and $250 respectively will be drawn in lieu of the larger contest for all wedding events on our books who confirmed any services in the year 2020 at the $1500 level or higher. 

  • When the minimum number of participants in the $2020 contest has been reached we will post it here

  • We WILL honor our Military Discount in combination with any win!

Contest will be videotaped on New Years Day- January 1, 2020 and posted on Youtube ASAP.  

All qualified participants are welcome to be present for the winning draw, and for verification of fairness.

Winners will be required to allow their picture and their names posted on our website, along with subsequent video footage of their event publicly placed on Youtube.

Sarasota Wedding Contest win $2020 for your Sarasota Area Wedding in the year 2020 !!

Sarasota Wedding Contest win $2020 for your Sarasota Area Wedding in the year 2020 !!

Find a website that doesn't work- Get $100

Check out our Sarasota Wedding  network and win $100

We've created a number of Websites and URL links that lead right to Beach Breeze Weddings

Find any of these links to not be working, or not leading to my related websites...

Call me immediately, I will verify and then give you $100 towards add-on services towards any packaged decor services hired for your event.

Sorry - only one discount in this category for $100 per event will be honored-  

(This discount may be combined with both our 2020 contest, and our military discount)

Okay....If you find two or more, I might be more generous- through them all!  At least take a look at our other websites.

LA Fitness Members- get $100 towards add-on services

Book our premium decor package with officiant services at $1500 or higher

La Fitness Members -will get $100 towards any of our add-on services beyond the premium decor or wedding dais decor package that you have chosen.  

This discount is applicable only in combination with purchase of our Premium Ceremony Decor Packages or any of our Reception Drapery and Dais Decor Packages. $1500 or higher.

Mention this offer at initial booking time...provide us with your Valid La 

Fitness ID Card #'s for verification of active membership, and you will get $100 towards your event.

This offer is  applicable at initial booking time only, and not applicable at a later time.

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