Our approach is to simply exceed your needs!

We have contacts and services for every need. We're happy to share recommendations with our clients.

Explore the following added extras that will put your event into the next stratosphere. 

Some of the services offered below are more appropriate with a beach wedding, others are more appropriate for elegant wedding receptions.  

Imagine your desires, and we will surely have a positive answer !

Circus performers to elephants...we have a source for most anything

Call anytime to discuss your event!

Most Common Additional Services Requested

Sand Ceremony $50


No cheap small heart -shaped bottles from a hobby shop here! 

Choose from an ever-changing assortment of decanters and unique bottles that we keep on hand. I search for special ones all the time.

Sand ceremony includes a special table, additional glassware that we supply, multiple colors of sands as required, and you keep the sand filled bottle as a memento.

See several Sand Ceremonies in our Video Gallery

Champagne Toast -$TBD


We supply the Champagne at cost.  

We recommend Barefoot Pink Moscato as a $10 per bottle crowd pleaser. 

I have enjoyed a sip from a $350 bottle on occasion. Honestly the Pink Moscato tasted better.

Cooler filled with Ice, table, $20, plus $1 per champagne flute.  I'll pick up whatever brand you want...at cost.

Okay, now...You do the math!!  The number of drinking guests X $1, plus $20, plus the cost of champagne.  That's fair right?


Hint on the champagne....It's about 6-8 good pours per bottle.... you can stretch it to 10 in a pinch....or buy extra.

Bubble Machine $75


Our Industrial Strength Bubble Machine stands on a tripod speaker stand and puts out a huge volume of bubbles.  

Got kids???  It'll be a big hit!

It adds energy to any event and truly will mark the location.  We turn it off during the ceremony and back on afterwards.

Battery powered on the beach, with extension cord in other locations that allow. Best used to create energy on the beach, or to draw guests to your outdoor cocktail hour space.

Lanterns Lining the Ceremony Aisle $225


Large Silver Broyhill lanterns can line the Aisle and flank your canopy.


  • Two feet tall to as small as 12". 
  • $225 for 12, 
  • $325 for 24

Is your reception in close proximity???   

We are happy to allow them to be carried and used as added decor in any reception where we are involved with decor. 

Get more bang for the buck!

Shell Toss and Conch Horn Blast $00


After the ceremony, the entire group moves to the waters edge to make a well wish to the Newlyweds.  

Supply your own rocks, shells, or glass beads.  I have plenty of baskets to hold them and signs to prepare your guests for our plan.

After the well-wish toss, you can kiss as I make some noise with my conch horn. its a great photo op that I coordinate with my photographer to produce some really cool images.

Another value added.

First Dance on the Beach $00


Tell us your favorite music.

We'll create the moment and have your friends and family join you.

Another value added.

Additional Services and Vendors

Photographer $450-$1275


Rick our awesome photographer

Two hour minimum-$475

Half Day $875 up to 4 hours

Full day $1275 up to 8 hours

His equipment is beyond state of the art producing the best quality available and imaginable.

 Most people figure out the value of their photographer when they later try to blow up their images, and can't !  

We've also seen a lot of friendships destroyed by well meaning friends becoming a photographer for a day. 

Outside images in the sun...great, but come sunset or inside  pictures without the right equipment....they cave in!

Hire a pro!  You can never get this day back!

you'll own your images

DJ Up to 5 hours- $650-$975

Sarasota Wedding DJ Music Awesome the Best in Sarasota

Our own Fantastic DJ Jorge is the Pulse of your event.

Jorge delivers state of the art computerized equipment with access and real musical knowledge to back his extensive library of music, a lighted facade set up, DJ lights, assuredly will bring your guests to their feet.  

He also delivers and manages the reception timeline throughout your event, and announces your grand entrance processional.  

Jorge takes a subtle and elegant approach while keeping announcements to a minimum. NOT a goofy voiced radio style DJ, or a "make some noise" screamer.  He speaks through his selection of music, and a well balanced system and decibel level that keeps your guests from becoming a victim.

Videographer $825

Sarasota  Wedding Videographer

Four hours of event video.  12-20 minutes of edited video highlights, along with all the unedited video. Delivered on disk or USB Card.

Live Musicians $350-$550


Guitarists, Harpists, Ukelele, Violinists, Orchestras too!

Most single players fall into the $350-$600 range for wedding thru cocktail

Availability and other factors play in to the pricing.

I also have a few exceptional musicians who charge more. 

Orchestras $900-$1600

Bands from $2500-$6000

Production Show Bands $8000-$15000

Call to discuss your needs.

Do it yourself Sound System and Mic $225


A powered speaker on a speaker stand,  also a microphone with stand,

 Allows you to connect with iPod, iPad, phone etc, to play your own songlists, and also conduct your own toasts and announcements. Plug in- not bluetooth.

This is more appropriate for small destination weddings that don't warrant the expense of a DJ, but also don't want to endure silence during their smaller reception.

50" TV on 7 foot tall stand for your own Slideshow $225


Simple Rental $225

Create and connect with your laptop and display your own slideshow pictures during cocktail hour and dinner.

More Creative Ideas and Offerings.

Live Flowers -$TBD


I have my favorite florist in town that I will happily introduce to you. 

I also have a floral design expert that can deliver extraordinary displays. His involvement starts at $3500

If you want beyond the included silk florals that I offer, use my local floral partners and all will be coordinated smoothly between us.

Sushi Chef - $TBD


Sushi made and served on location.

This is a catering item with many factors and options that will affect overall costs.

I will happily connect you directly.

Cigar Rollers $300-600


1 hour $300

2 hours $500

3 hours $600

Caterers On-Site Mobile


 I will happily offer suggestions after hire and conversation.

Venue Locations, Restaurants, Halls and Tented Events on the Beach


 I will happily offer suggestions after hire and conversation.

Housing and Hotels


 I will happily offer suggestions after hire and conversation.

Even More Services

Mobile Bartending Services


My core team of two are top-notch experts that can match the needs of most any event.

They also deliver an extensive Sommelier level of knowledge of fine wines and liquors.  

I will put you in direct touch to create an accurate quote. They will make many suggestions that will help to define and enhance your event.  

Drone Services

Drone wedding services Sarasota

The latest trend is to have a very large fly buzzing around the ceremony.

I find these things to be annoying and am waiting for news of lawsuits from poorly piloted mechanisms crashing into a crowd.  Honestly It's a bit unnerving  when done during and close to a ceremony.

We've got a few guys that do it right.... and it does produce some really cool footage.

It's about $300-500 to join in on the trend and get a few minutes of footage from a birds-eye view.

Candy Buffet

Candy buffet for a Sarasota Wedding

We deliver candy buffets by creating uniquely yours table designs.

Cost is TBD based on group size and desires.

Hair and make-up


It's hot in Florida!

I've seen faces slide off in the heat.

I'll happily put you in touch with someone who knows what you are up against.

Wedding Invitation Design


Have I got a girl for you ???

If you think my logo is cool, you'll love what the Spaghetti Ninja can do with any design task.  I am honored to put you in direct touch!

Questions???? Ideas????


Just Call and Talk!

If you are interested in learning more about our services, simply fill out my contact form.  

 I'm usually quick to call you!

Another 5 Star Weddingwire Review

Breaan and Nick's-Maxine Barritt Park Wedding

BreAnn said...
Hiring Allan was by far the best thing I could have done. I tried to plan a quiet little beach wedding, not really understanding what I was truly in for. 

Once I reached out to Allan, everything just seemed to happen and it went exactly how I imagined it. And I'll admit that I reached out for help at the last minute, with maybe two months until the wedding and he was still able to pull everything together for me, what a life saver!

 All evening I heard about how beautiful the ceremony was and from more than a couple people how it was the best ceremony they'd ever been to. It would not have been as special as it was without Allan and all his contacts and knowledge! Thank you so much for everything you did, you'll never know how much it means to us!!!


Maxine Barritt Park Venice

A family wedding with an amazing amount of love happening here.

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